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Mystery knight (2017 Liberation Version)

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After more then 25 years, 2016 has been very succesful for Gravity Noir's comeback. 7 new singles, 2 EP's and 2 album's, including the brand new album "Handmade". Time to cellebrate with a release of yet another new single. For this occasion Gravity Noir has re-released "Mystery knight", excactly one year after it's original release, in a glorious new exciting version. Taken from their new album "Liberation", expected end of 2017.

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Gravity Noir's "Liberation"


After a succesful comeback in 2016 with their album "Handmade", Gravity Noir's new exciting album "Liberation" is out now to order. Including the hit singles "Into a new world", "Avalon L.A.", "Much too soon to say goodbye", "Open your mind" and "Mystery Knight (2017 Liberation Version)"!



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