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New single out soon! - Download, streaming and limited collectors CD single

New single out soon!

Download, streaming and limited collectors CD single

Fasten your seatbelts, because Gravity Noir is ready to launch their new single "Planet called love".

Pre-sales start 21th July 2019, official worldwide release is 31th July 2019!

Includes the extra track "Planet called love (Drum & Bass Stripped to the Bone Mix)"

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (Exclusive from our US label CDbaby)

HOT SUMMER MEDLEY - Download & streaming


Download & streaming
Gravity Noir's NEW RELEASE! "Hot Summer Medley (Radio mix)" WorldWide Release: 06/06/2019 😎
Flying high - MUSIC DOWNLOAD

Flying high


Music download and streaming services worldwide for Gravity Noir's brand new single "Flying high" available now.

It's been a while since Gravity Noir released a brand new single. But here it is at last. "Flying high" is an uplifting dance track with a specific and recognisable sound of the 90's. It was well worth the waiting and fans will be delighted to know that they can expect a new album too. "Future days" is to be expected end of 2019. Vocals by Ambrosia Dash & Patrick Knight.



Boom and I'll be there (Trixie's GaGaGoBoom Remix) - Download & streaming

Boom and I'll be there (Trixie's GaGaGoBoom Remix)

Download & streaming

Since the release of our album "Liberation", one of the tracks has been received very well by fans. Boom and I'll be there has already been streamed twenty thousand times by Spotify listeners worldwide. That's why a remix couldn't be left out. GRAVITY NOIR proudly presents "Boom and I'll be there (Trixie's GaGaGoBoom Remix)". With thanks to CDBaby, our US record label. Soon, available to download and stream from all your favorite online services. BOOM!

Open your mind (The future is our remix) - Download & Video

Open your mind (The future is our remix)

Download & Video

This is a story about true and unconditional friendship. If you've been lucky, there's been people who entered your life for the sole purpose of being your friend, mentor, partner-in-crime, even those who share your most intimate secrets, etc. They're people you can trust explicitly, never having any intention of causing you harm, and truly wanting the best for you and your family. There's a mutual bond. Like a favorite movie or place to visit, they make you feel better just being in their presence.It's all in the mix.

Gravity Noir would like to thank the very talented Mr. Lubomir Arsov for his kind permission to use some of his images from his animated short film "In shadow - A modern Odyssey". Dare to embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of the West, and with courage, face the Shadow. Watch the original masterpiece here:

The Gravity Noir track "Open your mind" was a perfect match with Mr. Arsov's animation. Together they bring the message of hope. Fighting against peoples pre-judgements has become a daily based battle. What If you don't look or behave according common and social standards? You become a target of your own shadow. If we could only be a little bit more kind to those who have to live with a disability that's not noticeable from the outside. The world would be a much better place. We all need a liitle bit more understanding. Sometimes it starts between two equal minded persons, who become the best of friends with hope for the future. So go on and give it a try, be open-minded, OPEN YOUR MIND! 

DJ LINETECH - Reality (Featuring Gravity Noir) - Download EP

DJ LINETECH - Reality (Featuring Gravity Noir)

Download EP

The dispute and the unprofessional behavior of DJ Linetech has resulted in getting banned permenant from Gravity Productions. There for Gravity Productions regrets the fact that we had to remove the CD single "Reality" from our webshop. There might still be other copies around, but we can no longer offer them. The remixes that Gravity Noir made will still be available for download and streaming. Photo: Suzanne Vuegen (Model) & Etienne de Maeyer (Photographer), used with kind permission GRAVITY PRODUCTIONS 2018

THE BEST OF GRAVITY NOIR - Download album & CD


Download album & CD

For those who want to explore the music projects of Gravity Noir will have a good start with "THE SINGLES". Containing all their new singles since their come-back in 2016. You couldn't get a better way to get to know their brilliant music. Making this collection of singles complete, you will also find the 90's singel "I've got the power" on this album (and it's very first official release on CD!).


And ...  Gravity Noir is in the mix. All your favorite remixes can be found on the compilation album "THE REMIXES". Including the DJ Linetech remixes. All tracks were specially remastered for this release.






Tracklisting Gravity Noir - Liberation

  • Liberation
  • When I look at you
  • Let's go to the beach
  • Into a new world
  • Boom and I'll be there
  • Avalon L. A.
  • Mystery knight (2017 Liberation Version)
  • Open your mind (Featuring Andrew Williams)
  • Much too soon to say goodbye
  • Liberation (Acceleration Remix)

Bonus tracks:

  • Into a new world (DJ Linetech Candy Remix)
  • When I look at you (Happy Baby Remix)
  • Open your mind (DipDub Mix)
  • Into a new world (Drums & percussions Dub Mix)
  • Welcome to my gravity (Deeper Extended Trance Remix)
Into a new world EP - EXTRA TRACKS

Into a new world EP


This edition includes the original single of "Into a new world" + 2 extra tracks: 


Open your mind - New single & video

Open your mind

New single & video

Gravity Noir has descided to release "Open your mind" featuring additional vocals by Andrew Williams as their new single & video (18 July 2017). It was originally planned to first release "Into a new world", but because of some technical issues it has indured some delay. Never the less it will still be released this summer (August 2017). The reggae track "Open your mind" was recorded by Patrick Knight in a additional production by producer Grant Henderson and was mixed & mastered at the famous Loom Studios in Leeds, England. The video tells the story of 2 best friends cellebrating 17 years of friendship. Again Patrick Knight has entirely filmed, directed and edited the video on his own. It's a fun video to watch and be careful, because the chorus line to "Open your mind" can become a real earworm. A song that gets stuck in your head. You have been warned. Available as mp3 download and watch it on YouTube.

Into a new world - NEW SINGLE & VIDEO, OUT NOW!

Into a new world


Although all other Gravity Noir singles have been very successful, this one has the potential of becoming a huge hit worldwide. For the first time since their come back, Gravity Noir has relied on some professional advise of Grant Henderson. The well loved producer has provided the additional production for this new single which was mixed and mastered at the famous Loom Studios in Birstall, Leeds, UK. Taken from their forthcoming album "Liberation" (Release end 2017). Check out the new video! For the video, Gravity Noir visited one of the biggest fantasy events called "Elftopia" in Belgium. With Kenny Patrick Cogen as the astronaut & the beautiful Suzanne Vuegen  making their star appearances. This video again was filmed, directed and edited by Patrick Knight (Leadvocalist, composer & songwriter for Gravity Noir).


Video: Much too soon to say goodbye - Videoclip

Video: Much too soon to say goodbye


Newsflash! Gravity Noir's new video for "Much too soon to say goodbye" can now be watched.

Important! If you feel the need to talk to someone after watching this video, please visit or to call one of the many helplines in your country. Someone is waiting to answer your call, listen to your story and they will help you 24/7.

Avalon L.A. (Radio edit) - Download single

Avalon L.A. (Radio edit)

Download single


After a successful come back in 2016 with their new album "Handmade", 5 hit singles and a Remix EP. Gravity Noir is back with a brand new upbeat techno track called "Avalon L.A.". The first single from the forthcoming album "Liberation" to be released end of 2017. Most of Gravity Noir fans are from Los Angeles U.S.A. , hense the title "Avalon Los Angeles (L.A.)" , being a tribute to those L.A. fans. Brains behind the Gravity Noir project still is Patrick Knight (Composer & songwriter). The lovely artwork & sleeve design is once more from the very talented Andrew Williams. Together with other cooperated artminded friends they are the knights of Avalon. We are sure "Avalon L.A." will become another huge hit. The first of many to come.




NEW SINGLE & REMIX - Available as MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files


Available as MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files

"Welcome to my gravity" is the 5th single to be released from Gravity Noir's new album "Handmade". It's the opening track for the album and takes the listener straight into a relaxing mood. The deep trance remixes make the full experience complete. Art work by Andrew Williams & used with kind permisson.

Gravity Noir Album The Early Years - Download album

Gravity Noir Album The Early Years

Download album

For the very first time in Gravity Noir history most of their early tracks recorded in the 90's are been made available to buy as download. Many of the tracks were cover songs and Gravity Noir finally managed to get them licenced to offer them as downloads. The album Gravity Noir "The Early Years" will be released almost simultaneously with their brand new album "Handmade".

Tracklisting for Gravity Noir's album "The Early Years":

  1. 01. The final erection
  2. 02. Shine (Gonna make you)
  3. 03. I've got the power
  4. 04. Eight inch (or more)
  5. 05. Drag-a-long
  6. 06. Black is black
  7. 07. Enola gay
  8. 08. Relax
  9. 09. Do you really want to hurt me
  10. 10. Time (90's house remix)
  11. 11. Everything I own



Video "Giving up on music"

Video clip

Gravity Noir is happy to announce the official worldwide release of their latest video clip for "Giving up on music". Directed by Patrick Knight. With thanks to cast & crew for their great performance. Now also available to watch in glorious 3D (VR glasses or VR cardboard needed)(Photo used with kind permission of Peter Duyts)

The Cast of

The Cast of "Giving up on Music"

Watch the "Behind the scenes - the making of" on YouTube

We are very excited to say that all video recordings for our clip "Giving up on music" were completed sunday 16 october 2016 and we can start with the editing. Our videoclip will go global in a couple of weeks. With thanks to the entire cast & crew and special thanks to Miss Vera Caremans for letting us use the perfect location of Fort VIII Hoboken. It was great fun working with all of you xxx (Photostill from the entire cast)


Jolien Claessen & Simon Clarys (Angels)

Kenny Patrick Cogen, Annilse Claes, Anais De Caluwe, Melissa Hendrickx (Goodies)

Tallulah Vdc, Suzanne Vuegen, Brigitte Moens & Björn Zwinnen (Badies)

Gravity Noir Remixes - ALBUM (EP) download

Gravity Noir Remixes

ALBUM (EP) download

Gravity Noir is pleased to say that "Javier Rodriguez Iglesias" once again agreed to take part of this great musical adventure. It takes us back 25 years when Javier composed Gravity Noir's very first track for us. Having worked for USA import Antwerp and well know for the talented musical genius & producer that he is. Javier also know as Dj Linetech is working on some brand new remixes for "Mystery Knight","Giving up on music" & "Mind the gap". Javier even made a remix of "Movement N°2" which is a track from Gravity Noir's forthcoming album "Handmade". We are very proud to announce that they are now bundled on a special EP and released just in time for summer 2016.


(Sleeve Artwork aproved by Andrew Williams)

Another dimension (Dementia) - Free / gratis mp3 download (*)

Another dimension (Dementia)

Free / gratis mp3 download (*)


Having been confronted with dementia in our family and since a couple of years this terrible disease also struck my mum. I realise how hard it is to slowly see your loved ones deteriate. We concider ourselves lucky that mum still recognises who we are. But for many others it must be heartbreaking to feel like you're nothing else but just a stranger with a happy face. It can happen to all of us. Either to be the unfortunate one who gets dementia or to be left standing helpless towards those you love the most. We need to be aware of what dementia does to people. The Alzheimer's Society helps in a lot of ways. 
They are the UK's leading dementia support and research charity, here for anyone affected by any form of dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They even have branches all over the world. As a leadsinger, songwriter and composer of our group "Gravity Noir" I wrote this song "Another dimension (Dementia)" to be released in september, which is World Alzheimer's Month. (*) Those who donate by using my fundraising page will receive a free mp3 download of the song. I hope the song will help in the awareness that dementia is out there and can effect anyone.  Kind regards, Patrick.


Na geconfronteerd te zijn met dementie in onze familie en sinds een paar jaar deze vreselijke ziekte ook mijn moeder heeft getroffen. Realiseer ik mij hoe moeilijk het is om langzaam uw dierbaren achteruit te zien gaan. Wij mogen nog van geluk spreken dat mama ons nog steeds erkent en wie we zijn. Maar voor vele anderen moet het hartverscheurend zijn om het gevoel te hebben dat je niets anders meer bent voor hen, dan gewoon een vreemdeling met een blij gezicht. Dementie kan ons allemaal overvallen. Ofwel zijn we de ongelukkige die dementie krijgen of we zijn diegene die machteloos staan tegenover degenen die we het meest liefhebben. We moeten ons bewust zijn van wat dementie met mensen doet. De Alzheimer liga helpt in veel opzichten. Helaas ben ik niet iemand die graag over dementie met anderen praat. Ik probeer de problemen en het gevecht met dementie zoveel mogelijk zelf te verwerken en aan te gaan. Als zanger, songwriter en componist van onze groep "Gravity Noir" heb ik een nummer geschreven: "Another dimension(Dementia)" en wordt wereldwijd uitgebracht op 15 augustus 2016. September is wereld Alzheimer maand. Indien je een bijdrage stort ten voordele van de Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen, hoe klein dan ook, of lid wordt van de Liga voor slechts € 10 per jaar, dan krijg je gratis en uit dankbaarheid de singel van Gravity Noir “Another dimension (Dementia)” als mp3  en/of als flac file (CD vergelijkbare kwaliteit) volledig gratis toegestuurd.

Storten mag op het rekeningnummer BE87 3101 0355 8094 met de mededeling 'Gravity Noir' + uw emailadres.

Belangrijk!: Vergeet in elk geval niet uw e-mail adres te vermelden in de mededeling van uw overschrijving om uw gratis mp3 / flac te ontvangen.

"Ik hoop uiteraard langs deze weg dat de Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen veel donaties zal ontvangen en dat dementie opnieuw de nodige aandacht zal krijgen".

Alvast vriendelijke dank, Gravity Noir.



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New album OUT NOW!

Gravity Noir's "Liberation"


After a succesful comeback in 2016 with their album "Handmade", Gravity Noir's new exciting album "Liberation" is out now to order. Including the hit singles "Into a new world", "Avalon L.A.", "Much too soon to say goodbye", "Open your mind" and "Mystery Knight (2017 Liberation Version)"!



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