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by Gravity Noir

Released 2017
Gravity Productions
Released 2017
Gravity Productions
After their succesful album "Handmade", Gravity Noir has proven that their come back was well worth waiting for. This album is the follow up and includes all 5 new hit singles en 4 bonus remixes. EDM with the influence of different kinds of music genres.
For this album Gravity Noir was lucky enough to work with well loved producer Grant Henderson. Some of the tracks were recorded at the famous Loom Studios in Leeds, UK. Already the name of Andrew Williams is unmistakably connected to Gravity Noir. His contribution in delivering beautiful artwork for our CD covers has amazed many. Andrew is not only talented as a graphic designer and art painter, but has proven to be great playing wind instruments and has a fantastic singing voice too. Also Javier Rodriguez Iglesias, better known as DJ Linetech has once more provided a brilliant remix on this new album. After all, Javier was the one who composed the very first Gravity Noir track back in the early 90's and still is a full recognised member of the band. Patrick Knight once again, composed, wrote and produced all of the tracks for this new Gravity Noir album called "Liberation". It includes all 5 new hit singles, "Avalon L.A.","Much too soon to say goodbye","Mystery knight (2017 Liberation version)","Open your mind" and "Into a new world". An EDM album with influences of different kind of music genres that everyone can enjoy.

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Gravity Noir's "Liberation"


After a succesful comeback in 2016 with their album "Handmade", Gravity Noir's new exciting album "Liberation" is out now to order. Including the hit singles "Into a new world", "Avalon L.A.", "Much too soon to say goodbye", "Open your mind" and "Mystery Knight (2017 Liberation Version)"!



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