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by Gravity Noir

Released 12/01/2016
Released 12/01/2016
With the release of 4 hit singles in 2016, singer & songwriter Patrick Knight brings back the Britpop band after nearly 30 years. This brand new Gravity Noir album "Handmade" shows that Patrick Knight has more up his sleeves then just a singing voice.
About Gravity Noir:
It was 1983 when Patrick Knight made his very first public appearance. He was still studying pedagogy and worked as a student-pedagogue in a school for special youth care. One day they organised a school benefit. All the teachers and pedagogues would put together a play-back show in which they all did a special act. He agreed to do an impression of Boy George who was very famous and well known that time. His act was so impressive that before he realised it, he was doing the same act on a regular base. He was being asked over & over again and started to sign in for competitions. Sometimes Patrick had about 3 or 4 competitions every weekend to attend to. At first it was just a play-back act but soon they recommended him to try sound mix. He remembers his very first tryout to sing life as it was yesterday. He was so nervous and really petrified that he couldn’t remember any words and had to re-try after an hour! Second time round it didn’t sound all that bad and people encouraged Patrick to go on. He really enjoyed doing his act as Boy George and with so much conviction that soon he got recognised as the Belgium Boy George. His photo’s got printed in magazines and newspapers and even was asked to make an appearances on radio and TV. Once he even got asked by his artist agency that time, to stand in for Mr. Boy George himself. With the disaster at Zeebrugge with the sinking of the “Herald of free enterprise” in 1987, it would have been nice to have Boy George in the studio who’s idea it was to make a charity record “Let it be” by Ferry aid. Unfortunately George couldn’t make it to this life radio broadcast with a life studio audience because he was ill. It was so important for them that George would have been present that day that they decided to ask Patrick to stand in for him. Everyone believed it was George himself on stage bringing his new N°1 hit “Everything I own”. Patrick was so excited that day he will never forget the moment he got to know what is was really like to be Boy George himself, if only for a few minutes! Being the Belgium Boy George made it hard for him to get his own recognition. With his manager Patrick decided to release a record using his own name. Co written with Ricky Travers. They made the double A-side 7inch single “I don’t love you anymore / Share my dreams”. Only 5000 singles were made but all got sold out in two months time. Still he always got asked to do the Boy George act and made Patrick feel like his own single was less important. All though it was still a link to George, Patrick even changed his looks. He performed as a dessert prince with lovely robes and matching turbans. What ever he tried, people always kept on recognizing Patrick as the Belgium Boy George impersonator above Patrick Knight the singer / performer. With opening his own record store "The UK BOY" and recording studio "Jumping man records" in 1988, he also became a part of several challenging projects. After releasing his own version of “Everything I own” (Album: Peter Vicking's 12 best soundmixers) and 7inch single “Time (90's remix)”, both culture club covers. Patrick stepped into his first group called “The world wide show band”. They were more or less a cover band and had quiet some success in Antwerp. they were even asked to do the main show act to the very first Miss Antwerp competition and were invited as the new discovery of musical talent in Antwerp to the lord mayor annual ball. For Patrick It was great to be part of a group and do something completely different then impersonating Boy George. Some of his favourite songs he covered were “Respect” of “the Kane Gang” and “Cherish” of “Kool and the gang”. As a side project and with the intention to release new material he created "Gravity Noir" back in the late 80's. With the help of his friends "Charlie & Miss Ambrosia Dash" (backing vocals) and "Javier Rodriguez Iglesias" who worked at USA Import Antwerp / Bonzai records as a freelance music composer & producer, they recorded new dance tracks. But not finding the financial support "The final erection" & "Gonna make you shine" never got released. A few years later and with the help of a manager Gravity Noir signed up with AMV recording studio and a new composer "Peter Goos". “Black is black” of “Los Bravos” was a big favourite for fans at gigs. This last song got remixed by Peter who also wrote "I've got the power" for “Gravity NOIR”. It took another 20 years before "Ive got the power" officially got released as a mp3 download. During that time he also got involved with the British project GTO. They recorded “Listen to the rhythm flow” on his Belgium record label “Jumping man records” and with the purpose to make the British believe it was Belgium import. More or less it was true except for the fact it was made by British artists! Lee Newman and Michael Wells formed Greater Than One in London in 1985. Up till today everyone still believes the vocals were done by a beautiful female but the truth is that they used a vocaliser to make Patrick's voice sound like a woman. On stage the song which became a big hit in all the dance charts was brought by Auriole Wells. GTO even did a co-production with the Dutch formation “Technohead” and released another hit single called “I wanna be a hippy”. Sadly Lee who was the brain behind GTO (Greater Then One) died the same year of cancer. After all these years “Listen to the rhythm flow” is still being used and heard in all kind of remixes with Patrick's voice in it. The talented "Javier Rodriguez Iglesias" was the brain behind the music of Gravity Noir that time and nearly got them a contract with the famous Bonzai Records. After releasing demo’s as “The final erection” and “Gonna make you shine” it did take a while and took some more group changes before they got the opportunity to release yet another demo but this time at the Bonzai recording studio. That demo was the track “Drag-a-long” that got them started performing as drag queens and with the same name. Actually with "Drag-a-long" it was our goal to try and get ourselves launched again but sadly without success. What did have succes were the “Gravity Noir” gigs with the very talented “Peter Goos” as their music composer and Alex and Jorg (Bobo and Lolita) as sexy soft erotic dancers. Successful remixes were made of “Do you really want to hurt me”, “Black is black”, “Enola gay” and “Relax”, but sadly never officially released. And two brand new songs and no covers this time “I’ve got the power” (available now for the first time as mp3 download) and “Eight inch or more” (Composed by "The Wizard" at AMV recording studio). Their very last big gig they did managed to attract 500 fans! Then they signed up with a new contract and groupname “Basics or B-6”. They even got that far they nearly got to the point B-6 would have been the supporting act to “the tramps” all new live tour around the world. But that's if the group wouldn’t have split up at the very last moment. Probably because some of them couldn’t handle the stress that came along with all the intensive practice. Never the less they had some good times to remember. After projects as "The World Wide Show Band","GTO", “Gravity Noir”, “Basics” and “Drag-a-long” Patrick thought it would be best to leave it all to rest. Nearly for over more then five years he didn’t take an active leading part in any group or as a solo artist. Becoming very ill with Hepatitis B and if not for the doctors who would been able to cure him, it would have killed him. It was one of the main reasons to stop performing. Luckily the doctors announced that the treatment helped and Patrick was cured of the virus. He once more gathered all his courage and started singing again. He even recorded some brand new tracks and created the new group "The SoDP" to celebrate the occasion. The SoDP, short for "The Sisters of Divine Pleasure" were "Titless Strangé", (Patrick's Drag Queen stage name) and other occasional guest Drag Queens. Soon after that, Patrick still had to deal with some serious heart problems and was diagnosed with Brugada syndrom, but that didn't stop him either. A ICD (pacemaker) was inserted to insure no hart failure in the future. After the surgery his life did change for the better and realised he still had many happy years still to come. Having all the time in the world, Patrick started to create his own music and new lyrics. With the intention to be working with other guest musicians and occasional artists in the future, he re-invented "Gravity Noir". 4 new hit singles "Mystery knight", "Mind the gap", "Giving up on music" and the balad "Another dimension (Dementia)" have been released as so far. Gravity Noir was also happy with the fact that "Javier Rodriguez Iglesias (DJ Linetech)" had agreed to work on a EP with remixes of all new singles and "Gravity Noir The Remix EP" was released summer 2016 (Gravity Noir's original and very first music composer) We're also proud to mention that all artwork for the sleeves, including this album "Handmade", are being created by Patrick's best friend and wonderful artist Mr. "Andrew Williams". Andrew also recorded a duet with Gravity Noir "The moon (Moon river) and can be found on the album. So after 30 years Gravity Noir is back and stronger then ever! It shows that Patrick Knight had more up his sleeves then just a singing voice. The album "Handmade" was entirely written, composed, recorded and mixed by Patrick Knight himself and at his own home. hence the name "Handmade".

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