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New Single on the way?

To all of our fans we would like to say "A BIG THANK YOU" for being so loyal over all these years. Because of the sad loss of Patrick's mother-in-law, mother and father, it hasn't been easy finding the right mood and struggling with depression.. We also had to say goodbye to some good ol' friends and more loving relatives who passed away in the last couple of years. Too many! That's why we just couldn't find the right inspiration for new projects. We were hoping that a new frontman for Gravity Noir would give us the well needed spirit. Sadly our search for a new leadsinger stayed in vain. We had several candidates who sounded promising enough, but all of them decided to not step into our music projects. We respect their decision and hope they will find the succes they are searching for. Meanwhile we have been trying to keep our fans happy with the release of our new singles "Flying high" and "Hot Summer Medley". We have also been writing some new stuff for the new album "Future days", which has been delayed to the end of 2019, but might be still resceduled for release spring 2020. Those fans who can't wait till then, we might have some excellent news. Because a new single will be released this summer. This is a real sneakpreview to reveal it's titel "Planet called love", with lead vocals by Patrick himself and the reveal of the probably new sleeve and artwork for the cover. Feel free to post comments. Have a great summer and looking forward to the further adventures of Gravity Noir in the future.


New sleeve artwork

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After a succesful comeback in 2016 with their album "Handmade", Gravity Noir's new exciting album "Liberation" is out now to order. Including the hit singles "Into a new world", "Avalon L.A.", "Much too soon to say goodbye", "Open your mind" and "Mystery Knight (2017 Liberation Version)"!



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